4 feng shui decor and style and design ideas for constructive ‘chi’ in the Yr of the Rabbit 2023

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Feng shui is loosely translated into “wind” and “water” in English. It is an historic Chinese philosophy utilised to harmony the bodily and environmental factors in a living place to raise favourable chi, also created as qi, or strength to live a holistic life. It is believed that the Feng Shui philosophy can help ward off negativity, and as a outcome, assists you prosper not just monetarily but in the direction of reaching a higher target — interior peace. And adapting your home according to feng shui decor recommendations can make a lot of variance in your lifestyle in 2023.

The Chinese New Calendar year starts on 22 January 2023, and it is the Calendar year of the Rabbit — water rabbit, to be exact. According to Chinese astrology, 12 zodiac animals govern each calendar year and correspond to feng shui and its 5 all-natural aspects. Specialists do the job with these two elements broadly to have an understanding of what fate holds for you and your interaction with the universe as a full.

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Yr of the Rabbit 2023 and Feng Shui principles

Feng shui finds its roots in Taoist ideology, which believes that there are a handful of forces at enjoy in the environment which want to be optimised. They have broadly divided the organic entire world into five factors — fireplace, earth, metal, drinking water and wooden. The philosophy of Feng Shui focuses a great deal on the placement and existence of these aspects in your residing room for a affluent and harmonious everyday living.

Feng shui has a great deal to do with designs, colours, elements and buildings that signify these elements. For the Yr of the Rabbit, the lucky colors are azure blue, apple eco-friendly, red and pearl white. Therefore, Feng Shui decor ought to replicate these, in addition to the things they stand for.

Considering that 2023 is the Year of the Drinking water Rabbit, as for each the Chinese zodiac, which is exquisite, peace-loving, moderate-mannered and adaptable, it is predicted to be the 12 months of therapeutic as properly. When it arrives to possessing superior Feng Shui, you want to provide the earth aspect into your home, in accordance to this zodiac animal. And the gemstone, jade, can assist you channel all the very good luck into your abode.

While we will delve further into how you can make distinctive preparations for the inside design of your home, as for every the 12 months of the Rabbit, we also look at the basic concepts of Feng Shui that include things like decluttering the house and generating harmony involving the blessed colours and organic aspects.

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Change your humble abode into a religious retreat with these very simple feng shui decor strategies for Year of the Rabbit 2023

Feng Shui for the residing space

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A effectively-lit, airy room with no clutter is great. It is advisable to use potted crops to bring in the favourable chi of the wooden element. Gurus say that thorny bushes or cacti should really be avoided and crops with properly-rounded leaves can be saved in the dwelling house. The use of aquariums is inspired, much too.

An additional critical feng shui idea for 2023 is to make certain that none of the furniture has its again directed at the doorways and should have rounded edges. The similar goes for the sculptures used in the residence. Their shape should really not be pointed.

Feng Shui focuses on a complete of 8 areas to boost lifestyle. They are also regarded as Bagua places, which are — family members (Zhen), prosperity (Xun), health and fitness (Tai Qi), useful people today (Qian), Small children (Dui), understanding (Gen), fame (Li), profession (Kan) and partnerships (Kun). It is proposed to only focus on two or three of these regions at a time to get utmost results.

Relying on the areas you select, certain forms of components, shapes and colours have to have to be included. For illustration, if you opt for to boost the relatives location, you will need to include the wooden aspect and concentration on the colours eco-friendly, blue and teal. If you want to concentrate on the wealth area, you will need to use a related wooden component but involve hues of purple far more, as this color symbolises prosperity.

Feng Shui for bed room


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A bedroom is a single of the most essential rooms in the property, as it is a retreat for most of us immediately after a lengthy tricky day’s function. Sexual intercourse life, slumber plan and inner peace are related with this space. Therefore, some Feng Shui suggestions for bedrooms can help to elevate the prospective of the house.

It is very significant to have your bed in a commanding situation. This signifies that when you are propped up on your bed, you ought to be able to see the doorway, but it ought to not facial area you right. Also, there ought to be no obstructions or clutter in your bedroom.

The next thing to recall is that this area must have no aquariums or water bodies. The cause is, h2o is intended to diffuse the fire, which is translated to significantly less enthusiasm in the bedroom.

Allow go of aged issues in 2023, and usher in a serene vibe by investing in some very good rugs which are intended to have a grounding pressure. Sparing use of reflective surfaces, like mirrors, is suggested due to the fact they can be a place of distraction.

Because the colors of the calendar year are much more on the softer palette, blues and light greens should operate wonderfully in tandem with the Year of the Rabbit. Concentration on working with additional of these in the variety of mattress handles, pillows and throws. Also, earth tones and the use of ceramic can catch the attention of beneficial power, which will make your life much more stable, and you will appreciate great well being.

You can have a selected place for rest exactly where you could light-weight candles and rest absent your blues.

Feng Shui for kitchen area and open up spaces

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Feng shui decor suggestions for the kitchen area in 2023 suggest the stove be in a commanding situation, and the refrigerator should be decluttered. A mixture of salt and h2o is suggested to use as a cleaning liquid to clean off undesirable electricity and draw in superior electricity.

The use of yellow and brown usually means nourishment, blue and green is for vitality, though whites and greys are for joy. Feng Shui advisors advise making use of all these hues in the kitchen with a dash of red or orange for inspiration. Steer apparent of retaining broken things at all expenses.

Did you know? The back again remaining corner from the entrance of your residing place is considered a wealth corner, which is why this house ought to not be ignored. A main use of the wood and drinking water things comes to enjoy below. Potted plants and an abundance of purely natural gentle assurance prosperity. The product to be utilised here is wood, wicker, bamboo and healthier crops.

Lucky colours and feng shui elements in Calendar year of the Water Rabbit 2023

Feng Shui for the toilet


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According to feng shui decor tips, your toilet should in no way be in the direction of the dwelling. A favourable place for putting your washroom in your home is the north-east.

Loos have the most affordable source of power. Therefore, they will need to be put in this course, as for each the Bagua map. Also, Feng Shui gurus really encourage the use of wicker and use of mild and heat hues like gentle blue, turquoise blue, green, peach, pink, white, creamy white and yellow.

The use of oval mirrors and mellow lighting is encouraged. The gurus also strongly suggest versus the use of suspended harsh lights. Previously mentioned almost everything else, recurrent deep cleansing and de-cluttering of your washroom are recommended.

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The past phrase

In summary, it is ideal to often equilibrium the masculine (yang) and the feminine (yin) energies in your place in tandem with the 5 aspects. Consulting an expert to construction your condominium in accordance to the Bagua map is a plus, but with easy re-preparations, decluttering and optimum use of the fortunate colors, you can build a safe room for your self and your family members.

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